Our Story


I’m Arnulfo, and with the help of my parents, I created Nucolato!

In 2017 when I was 17, I worked for a startup during the summer. The experience sparked my curiosity on entrepreneurship, but I lacked a vision for a project!

One afternoon after work, I discovered on Instagram, a hazelnut spread containing 4g of sugar per 100g compared to the market leading brand that had 55g of sugar per 100g of serving. This new product had Zero Palm Oil (which I later learned it has a negative impact on health and the environment). I doubted of the taste, but ordered a jar. The taste was great but could improve!!

After sharing the jar with my family, understanding the benefits and a potential better taste, we launched the adventure, which fitted our family health style and vision to offer healthier and as tastier alternatives!! We wanted to impact positively in the fight against diabetes and obesity! We worked shoulder to shoulder with a small but great committed team and we came up with a great proposition.

Nucolato was born in 2019 to offer that flavor that we all love, with healthier/environmental benefits (no sugar added, zero palm oil, and gluten-free).

Nucolato is a hazelnut spread too good to be true!

We hope you like us!