Ingredients: Sweetener: maltitol, sunflower oil, hazelnut (10%), reduced fat cocoa powder (6.5%), milk solids, skim milk powder, cocoa butter, coconut oil, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin(Helianthus annuus), natural vanilla flavoring.

The only sugar included in our product is the natural sugar found in the hazelnut. We have 0g of added sugar compared to 21g in the market leading brand.

Nucolato uses maltitol as an alternative. Maltitol is a sugar alcohol commonly used as a sugar substitute. It is considered a great option, because it gives you a sweetness close to sugar, but with fewer calories!

Nucolato can be found in many retailers across the globe. Click HERE to find your nearest store with Nucolato! Nucolato can also be bought online. You can find our offerings in the Products section or on Amazon!

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Nucolato does not need to be stored in a refrigerated area. It’s ideal temperature is between 64°F-72°F(18°C-22°C). It is also recommended to be stored away from direct sunlight in a dry place. 

This will usually ocurr due to the jar being in a constant high temperature, but there is nothing to be worried about! The flavor is exactly the same, only the texture is not what it used to be. The best thing you can do is store your unopened jar upside down. This makes the oil go to the bottom of the jar and the spread stay on top. When you're ready to enjoy, just turn it right-side up and open slowly.